The Hole Truth

No. 3 at Old Works Golf Club

Published in the May 2009 Issue Published online: May 22, 2009

The Old Works has a multitude of surprises for visiting players. Here at the magazine, we’ve been fortunate to have played the course a number of times, but we never lose our guarded fascination with the layout’s defining features. (Slag, anyone?)

Most holes at the Works are pretty straightforward, especially if you do your homework and pay heed to the course map. On the hole-by-hole overview, it pays especially big dividends to understand the third hole. It’s a whopper of a par5 with a sharp uphill climb AND a dogleg.

A dominant feature on the course, the massive stone furnaces of the Calciner line the left side of the fairway. Prevailing winds will try to push shots to the right. Two shots up the center will be ideal positioning for the third. The green is monstrous in size and deep, deep, deep. Pay special heed to pin placement. It can be a three-club difference, depending on position. One more thing: the back two-thirds of the green falls away, making execution of approach shot crucial.

Good luck!