Andersons Patents Two Products

Published in the June 2011 Issue Published online: Jun 08, 2011

The Andersons, Inc., received the patent for Pesticide Delivery Granule for Duocide Jan. 11. As part of the Dispersible Granule (DG) family, this patented formulation process combines carbaryl and bifenthren to deliver broad spectrum insect control that disperses immediately into the soil. Duocide is both a preventative and curative pesticide product that works on both surface and subsurface insects, and provides excellent curative grub control.

The Andersons, Inc., received the patent for Dispersible Potash Pellets Sept. 7. The unique formulation allows for immediate dispersion of fertilizer into the soil, thus eliminating nutrient loss due to mower pick up.

Development work on the technologies that lead to both patents was funded in part by a Research Commercialization Grant as part of the Ohio Third Frontier Program.