New Valley Irrigation Product Connects Pumps to Pivots

Published in the April 2014 Issue Published online: Apr 25, 2014

Valley Irrigation announced the addition of Pump Connect to its Valley Water Management product line, giving growers a new way to automate the pumps that supply water to irrigation equipment.

Pump Connect allows growers to wirelessly control pumps from the center pivot control panel, eliminating time-consuming trips to pump sites or expensive trenching to install wires. When the pivot calls for “Water On,” Pump Connect sends a radio signal to start the pump and gets the water flowing. It stops the pump if the pivot shuts off.

“Pump Connect gives growers an easy, affordable way to automate pump operation,” said Wade Sikkink, director of Valley Water Management, a division of the Valmont company Cascade Earth Sciences that designs custom-engineered pumping solutions.

“Valley asked me to test Pump Connect, and I put it on my actual farm,” said Mark Wilkerson, who is the service manager and a part-owner of J & B Irrigation, Inc., a Valley dealership in Morgan, Ga. “It’s been a good product. It provides you that peace of mind of knowing that if something goes wrong you won’t be watering in one place for hours.”