Driver does donuts on 15th green at Deerfield

Published online: Jul 09, 2015 Golf News

MADISON, Miss.—A hefty reward is being offered for information on who vandalized a Madison County golf course. It happened June 28 at Deerfield golf club.  

On the 15th green of the course, you can still see the tire tracks from where someone drove over it. 

"It was definitely a bigger truck, a z-71, f150, Toyota Tundra type truck," said Bryan Deweese, golf course superintendent. "Had 9-inch wide tires on it, agressive, were thinking it was Nitto mud grappler tires but it could be another type mud tire but it was definitely a mud tire, not a all terrain mud tire," .

They've already made some repairs but the damage is pretty extensive. It will take about $8,000 and six weeks to re-sod it.

Golf course officials suspect the driver had mud tires on the vehicle. 

"I would like to have them for two months to work under my guidance," Deweese said, "because I don't think they would ever do it again."

A $2,500 reward is being offered to find those responsible. Anyone with information on who drove over the green at Deerfield is asked to call the Madison County Sheriffs Office or the golf club.