Maintenance Equipment Buyer's Guide

Published in the July 2015 Issue Published online: Jul 03, 2015

Advanced Equipment Sales

Sweeper VAC 320

The Sweeper VAC 320 has a re-designed pick-up head with four wheels on the deck. The unit combines either a rubber finger or a brush pick-up with the new eight-blade steel impeller fan for a 40 percent increase in suction, Advanced Equipment reports.

The 13.3-cubic yard hopper features an automatic opening rear door for simple unloading and fewer moving parts.

Standard features include four large wide flotation tires, 10- or 12-ft. rubber fingers or brush pick-up head and easy finger tip controls to operate deck, hopper and pick-up head.



The Shattertine

The Shattertines lift and fracture tough soil to increase air, water, and nutrient movement.

The unique angles and offsets of the Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 6 inches and deeper, resulting in increased water percolation, microbial activity and fertilizer utilization. Plants respond with stronger root systems and healthier top growth.

The next generation of the tine maintains the original “twist and lean” to produce the “shattering” of the soil profile, but the bulk of the tine has been reduced to lower ballasting requirements.



Aluma 7816 Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailer

Aluma’s 7816 tandem axle, flatbed utility trailer is ideal for a wide range of hauling applications.

The 7816 features removable aluminum fenders, an extruded aluminum floor, two 5-foot aluminum pull out ramps with storage underneath and front and side retaining rails. The bed is 77.5 inches wide by 192 inches long. The trailer also includes an LED lighting package and safety chains.

Durable aluminum trailers from Aluma are lightweight, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

Crysteel Manufacturing Inc.


Landscape Tipper

The Landscape Tipper from Crysteel Manufacturing provides an innovative swing-out side door.

Under the door is a built-in retractable ladder for easy entry to the body. The Landscape Tipper also comes standard with a dual-purpose upper tailgate that functions as a swing-out tailgate and a ramp. A two-piece barn door gate is also offered. The unibody design is ideal for heavy loads and its smooth contour formation makes dumping and cleaning effortless.



DuraClass Yardbird

The DuraClass Yardbird and Super Duty Yardbird provide contractors a light duty body that doesn’t compromise on quality and durability.

They feature the patented DuraClass design with a continuous formed body sidewall and fully enclosed top rail for superior resistance to moisture and corrosion.

The double-wall body side, full-depth rear corner posts and enclosed front corner posts, and the interlaced understructure provide strength and rigidity.

Foley United

Accu-Pro Model 633

Automatic placement features the Accu-Reel Selector and Cylinder Height Stop system that automatically locates the reel for a fast and easy spin and relief grind in one set-up.

Preset relief angles are easily identified on the relief angle adjuster, which makes it effortless to grind the correct angles and achieve proper clearances for each reel type.

Hands-free relief is a key feature that has courses around the world opting for grinders that do more than just spin grind. 



Ev-N-Spred Flex-Select

If you apply fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed mulches, and rock salt, look no further for the ideal spreader that will spread all of these accurately and evenly.

Ask for the new EarthWay Ev-N-Spred Flex-Select spreaders at your dealer now.

Are you the type of person who has a Swiss Army knife?

Well, the Flex-Select Series spreaders are what you’ve been waiting for. The Flex-Select Series will spread most materials accurately and evenly.

Rugby Manufacturing


Rugby Landscape

Rugby’s Landscape body is ideal for a wide range of landscape and contractor applications.

The body features a curbside swing-out door and rear barn doors over a drop down tailgate that employs Rugby’s revolutionary EZ-Latch system on the upper pins. The curbside front has 54-inch wide door opening for easy access and accommodates most pallet sizes. Outset heavy-duty greaseable hinges allow the doors to be opened completely and pinned back with door holders.

Ryan Turf Renovation Equipment


Jr. Sod Cutter

The new Jr. Sod Cutter with easy steer features several improvements, including a vibration-dampening handle, new accessories and a cutting depth guide, that enhance its performance while reducing operator fatigue.

The redesigned Ren-O-Thin power rake provides rental operators with exceptional reliability and low maintenance while giving renters increased versatility with the newly available seed box, fold-down handle, and infinite height adjustment suitable for all lawn types.

Standard Golf Company

Tour Pro Bunker Rake

When mediocrity isn’t an option and only perfections will do, turn to Standard Golf’s Tour Pro Bunker Rake. No other bunker rake can make smooth, level, playable surfaces like the Tour Pro.

Heads available at 20- and 25-inches ensure tracks are covered with minimum effort, while pioneering design creates tournament quality surfaces.   

When durability is a must, the exclusive Gator Grip Handle available in 60- and 72-inch lengths is the best option. 

A single self-tapping screw (included) is all you need for assembly.

Turfco Manufacturing Inc.

T3100 Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer

Grow your business with the most productive, profitable riding applicator on the market—the patented and patent-pending T3100.

Maximize operator performance and comfort with the industry’s only hands-free speed control and unmatched hill-holding stability. Do residential and commercial properties with the only machine that fits through a 36-inch gate and sprays up to 132,000 square feet per fill. Cut your callbacks by staying on target with the only high-velocity, large droplet spray and unique granular hard trim. Reduce downtime with a time-tested all mechanical drive, no electronics and rugged, easy-to-service design.

Underhill International


Stainless Steel Valve Box

Underhill International offers seven models in its MSSB Series of stainless steel valve boxes for Mirage long-throw sprinklers that enhance player safety and facilitate installation.

The extra-large capacity boxes accommodate Mirage sprinklers, isolation valves, quick couplers, electrical junction boxes and other sub-surface components, such as public address systems.

The expanding Mirage sprinkler line-up is designed for natural and synthetic turf.

Wood Bay Turf Technologies


dynaBLADE Verti-cut Blade

Precision, durability and quality make dynaBLADE the best verti-cut blade in the world.

Each dynaBLADE is made with the highest quality hand-picked steel, and laser-cut to our exacting specifications for superior toughness and wear.

Tungsten carbide tips protect blades from abrasion for extended life and maintain a consistent cutting depth. There are optional cutting widths to meet local turf conditions.

Rodent Blaster


HS1 Remote

The Rodent Blaster HS1 Remote is an effective, very easy to use pest control system to kill damaging gophers, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, moles, voles and all other rodents that eat, chew, dig and destroy our pastures, fields and yards.

The HS1 Remote injects a precise mixture of propane and oxygen and allows the user to be more than 20 feet away from the rodents’ hole when ignite the mixture is ignited. More than 6,000 feet per second of concussion will eliminate the rodent and the tunnel at the same time.

Buffalo Turbine


BT-KB5 EFI Turbine Debris Blower

The new BT-KB5 EFI tow behind turbine blower is the first electronically fuel injected (EFI) tow behind turbine debris blower.

With growing fuel costs and heightened awareness of environmental impact, Kohler’s 26.5 HP EFI engine has been designed to be up to 20 percent more fuel efficient than current carbureted engines in use.

The BT-KB5 EFI offers the first truly wireless start/stop function without the need for the operator to choke the engine prior to starting.

Editor’s note: This list is by no means comprehensive. If you know of more harvester equipment to include, please email