Cart Etiquette or Lack Thereof

Published online: May 31, 2016 Videos

By Joe Wachter

I was having a great morning mowing fairways this morning at Glen Echo Country Club in St. Louis, Mo., until I came upon Hole 3 and saw the remnants of a cart driver with poor cart etiquette and lack of concern regarding the rules for the day.

A majority of people who play at this club follow the rules and do what is asked in regards to the etiquette golfers should use in playing the course. I'm very lenient and prefer to side on the let's play normal than forcing cart path issues all the time but when we have rain for a couple of days straight the expectation should be that we will be on paths. I'll let the video explain it all.

By the way, I left this video with a comedy label. I had a few other choice words I could use but I will leave that up to your imagination!