Legends course co-owner owns world's biggest classic golf car collection

Published online: Jun 12, 2017 Equipment

EDMONTON—Some people collect stamps, coins, comic books or even bars of soap.

But nobody collects what Ron Lyons does: golf carts — or, as they were first known, golf cars.

“I started collecting them in 2009. The plan was to buy four or five of them and line them up on the start of the Champions Nine,” said Lyons, who co-owns the 27-hole Legends Golf Course with Edwin Chan.

“Then it got a little out of hand. It was like rabbits. Five cars became 10. Ten became 20.

“Before I knew it, I ended up with 84 golf cars,” said Lyons, who has them on display in his golf ‘museum,’ which he made in a renovated maintenance facility on the Legends course.

It’s the only collection of golf cars in the world — all dating from 1949 to 1969.

“The first golf car I purchased was the single-seater Bobcat golf scooter that was produced between 1957 and 1962 and which used Bob Hope in their advertisements,” said Lyons of the scooter which had the clubs facing forward and between the driver’s legs. “Whether the Bob in Bobcat is significant, I don’t know.”

Lyons also owns the Arthritis Special — the first commercial golf car, patented in 1949 — which held four sets of clubs and four golfers, three up front and one behind and which would be driven by a caddy, who would sit in the middle.

Source: edmontonjournal.com