Don't Be Fooled by the Green

Published online: Jul 25, 2017 Maintenance

"I can't tell you how many times I've heard a caddy or golf shop person say that Northern California golf course greens break towards the ocean. That's a good way to lose your money if you choose to believe that nonsense. 

It's also nonsense to think that despite Cinnabar being more green than last year, we are wasting water. We are actually using less water year to date since 2010. I grant you that we had rain this year, but that stopped in April. So let's look at May.
I know the governor has said that the drought is over, but we still live in a desert. The investments we've made and things we've learned are now just a way of life—which doesn't equate to a lesser product.
It should be noted that this has been written on the verge of a six-day heat wave. I have no concerns about water usage during this time as it won't change our practices much. My only concerns are that the pipes remain charged and there isn't a blackout."
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