Underhill International unveils 2WIRE Decoder

Published online: Jul 03, 2017 Equipment

Underhill International introduced a next generation 2WIRE Decoder Module that is fully compatible with Hunter Industries’ new ICC2 commercial controller, expanding its capabilities to two-wire operation.

The 2WIRE Decoder snaps directly into the controller module slot and converts an ICC2 to two-wire operation for new irrigation installations or hybrid multi-wire/two-wire system expansions.

Underhill 2WIRE Decoders work with all ICC2 models, including plastic, metal and pedestal cabinets. They can convert the 32-station ICC2 to a 48-station two-wire system.

Two-wire irrigation is typically more cost effective than multi-wire systems because it requires only one pair of two wires from the controller to multiple valves/decoders in the field, saving time, labor and materials.

Standard irrigation wire can be used, and, with Underhill’s exclusive Decoder Modules, grounding is not required along the two-wire path.

Source: www.underhill.us