Golf course water rates a point of contention

Published online: Aug 29, 2017 Golf News

CHADRON, Neb.—The value of water was at the heart debate before the Chadron City Council Monday.

A proposal to increase water rates for the Ridgeview Country Club drew fire from the club’s board and members. The council is in the middle of preparing its 2017-18 budget, which includes a 10-cent hike across the board for business and residential customers and an increase in meter rates.

The golf course, however, has its water rates determined through a separate ordinance, which places the rates for its untreated water at 1/10 of the residential rates. An aging water system prompted the council to take a look at system-wide increases. Among the changes called for were raising the golf course’s rates from a base of 12 cents per 100 cubic feet to 45 cents. Each of the rate categories – determined by usage – were set to go up significantly, with the final category of more than 10,000 cubic feet increasing from 15 cents per 100 cubic feet to 50 cents.