Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Deicing Costs!

Published online: Aug 01, 2017 Maintenance

MILWAUKEE, Wis.—Douglas Dynamics Inc. announced dates for this year’s “The Power of Salt Brine” training tour, sponsored by SnowEx.

The tour is a national educational effort designed to give contractors a face-to-face opportunity to learn best practices for using liquids as part of their snow and ice management plan. Companies implementing liquid salt brine ice control programs save tens of thousands of dollars in deicing costs. The inaugural tour took place during the summer of 2016 with visits to 18 North American cities. This year’s effort will again focus on key snow fighting cities throughout the Midwest and Northeast, with events scheduled from Aug. 8 through Sept. 28.

This year’s program will explore how snow and ice professionals can:

* Reduce costs and increase profitability by adding cutting edge liquid technology to operations and taking a proactive/preventative approach.

* Effectively sell liquid ice control strategies to customers and build them into contracts.

* Reduce potential liability by using liquid ice control techniques.

* Minimize the environmental impacts of rock salt on infrastructure, ecosystems and water sources, and significantly reduce property damage.

Training sessions will be led by Daniel Gilliland, Training Manager for SnowEx Liquid Solutions in North America, and Pam Buckley, Sustainability Manager for Douglas Dynamics.

The dates and locations for The Power of Salt Brine Tour 2017 are as follows:

• Aug. 8 – Bangor, ME

• Aug. 9 – Portland, ME

• Aug. 10 – Boston/Danvers, MA

• Aug. 15 – Worcester, MA

• Aug. 16 – Hartford, CT

• Aug. 17 – Hauppauge, NY

• Aug. 18 – Newark, NJ

• Aug. 22 – Davenport, IA

• Aug. 23 – Madison/Milwaukee, WI

• Aug. 24 – Aurora, IL

• Aug. 29 – Toledo, OH

• Aug. 30 – Columbus, OH

• Aug. 31 – Pittsburgh, PA

• Sept. 13 – Burlington, VT

• Sept. 14 – Ottawa, ON

• Sept. 26 – Philadelphia, PA

• Sept. 27 – Syracuse, NY

• Sept. 28 – Watertown, NY

For more information or to register online, visit