Anuvia, Vereens Partner Turf to Distribute GreenTRX

Published online: Oct 11, 2017 New Products

Anuvia Plant Nutrients announces an agreement with Vereens Turf to distribute Anuvia’s GreenTRX to Vereens golf, sod, lawn care and landscape customers. GreenTRX is an enhanced-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release specialty fertilizer made to deliver fast, deep greening of turf and lawns while also protecting the environment. 

Vereens Turf is a regional fertilizer formulator and blender that has served Southeast golf, sod, lawn and landscape customers for over 20 years.

Vereens began formulating fertilizers to manage the soils’ microbial population in 2014 as a way to maximize the benefits of nutrient inputs. The company addresses best management practices as it works with customers to improve soil health.

“Their goals of balancing soil biology with increased nutrient efficiency fits with Anuvia’s environmentally friendly products, which improve soil health and plant performance,” says Hugh MacGillivray, Anuvia Plant Nutrients executive vice president, commercial. “GreenTRX’s soil health benefit along with its deep greening benefit, will be a great addition to their product line and an asset to the solutions they offer to the turf industry.”

GreenTRX, a unique plant nutrient product, provides targeted plant feeding using a novel slow-release mechanism. It delivers plant nutrition when plants need it most– releasing 65 percent of its nutrients in the first two to three weeks and the balance providing feeding for up to eight weeks. Because it contains 16 percent organic matter, it contributes to soil health.

“We live in a world where resources are at a premium, and sustainability is of utmost importance,” says MacGillivray. “Our products reflect this belief as we reclaim organic materials and turn those resources into products that deliver unique performance benefits. We look forward to partnering with companies such as Vereens Turf, which, like us, seek new and innovative means to more efficiently deliver plant nutrients.”

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